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F1 Tyres - 9 Fascinating Formula 1 Tyre Facts06/08/2009

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F1 Tyres - 9 Fascinating Facts About Formula 1 Tyres

Tyres are critical to F1 drivers and as sole supplier to the FIA Formula One World Championship since 2008 Bridgestone has been in a unique trackside position.

F1 Tyres - Did You Know?

 -  Bridgestone produces 40,000 Potenza F1 tyres per year 

 -  1,800 Bridgestone Potenza F1 tyres are taken to each Grand Prix 

 -   Bridgestone reintroduced slick tyres to Formula One in 2009, after 11 years’ absence (before that grooved tyres were used since 1998) 

 -   19,452 Grand Prix race laps were completed using F1 Potenza tyres during 2008 F1 season 

 -   A team of Bridgestone tyre fitters can fit 56 tyres (14 sets of tyres) per hour 

 -   Four Bridgestone wet weather tyres can displace 61 litres of water per second when travelling at 300km/hour 

 -   60 Bridgestone personnel travel to each race 

 -   Bridgestone transports 12 tonnes of equipment to each race 

 -   A Bridgestone Potenza F1 tyre is made to last for approx. 150-200km So there you are, no excuses next time some F1 trivia pops up!

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